Community, Economic and Workforce Development (CEWD)

Our Mission

downtown_streetscape Community, Economic and Workforce Development (CEWD) is expected to provide university-wide and statewide leadership for building linkages and collaborative efforts with organizations and agencies including the W. Va. Clearinghouse for Workforce Education; state, regional, and local institutions of learning (public schools, vocational schools, and higher education institutions); state business and industry councils; firefighters and emergency personnel: labor organizations; and state economic development groups.

CEWD comprises four units:

Community Resources and Economic Development delivers educational programs and technical assistance to strengthen the capacity of citizens and organizations

Fire Service Extension provides critical, high quality training to emergency responders.

The Institute for Labor Studies and Research supports and strengthens the trade union movement, improves labor-management relations, promotes social justice within unions, and enhances labor’s role in the community.

Safety and Health Extension provides safety and health training, technical assistance, and applied research for employers and employees.